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Published quarterly in January, April, July and October.

© Copyright 2015 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Faculty of Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar, Perak. Malaysia.

Distribution: The UTAR Agriculture Science Journal is distributed primarily via the Internet as a free educational public service. A limited number of printed copies are produced for distribution to selected libraries and supporters of UTAR. Libraries that wish to be considered for complimentary printed copies may apply to the Editor.

Sponsorship: Agriculture is an exciting multi-faceted enterprise, providing innumerable opportunities for economic growth and development through entrepreneurship, discovery and innovation. However, most people now live in cities and their connections to agriculture are getting progressively weaker. This is detrimental to the future of agriculture, especially if young people do not think of agriculture as a career or life-style option. The aim of the UTAR Agriculture Science Journal, published four times a year, is to tell the fascinating story of agriculture in a way that would encourage people to think of agriculture as an exciting, creative, challenging and rewarding field to enter. To fund and sustain this journal, we invite sponsorship from supporters of agriculture. For details of sponsorship, please refer to Page 63 of this Journal.

Notice to Authors: An article in this journal should ideally be an informative and entertaining guided tour, in which the author reviews the history of a selected topic, leading up to the current state of understanding, and indicating areas of concern that could benefit from further enquiry. Articles should be written in popular style, with technical terms clearly explained. Good illustrations, especially high-definition photographs, are welcome as proofs of concept. Discovery and innovation in agriculture are usually the result of individual efforts made under interesting circumstances. The individuals concerned and their circumstances should, if known, be built into their stories in order to inform and inspire others. If you wish to publish in the UTAR Agriculture Science Journal, please contact the Editor.

Editor : Francis Ng (francisng@utar.edu.my)

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